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I, Eddie Box Jr. will go first.  My mother was Dorothy Burch Box, and her Ute Indian name was Blue Mist Woman.  She was born January 26, 1921 the daughter of Sam Burch (born 1896) and Clara Burch (born 1906). Our mother had three sisters (Bertha Marie Burch Grove, Elsie Burch Thorne, and Martha Ruth Burch Myroe), one brother (Anthony Burch). She enlisted in the Armed Forces May 1944 and was the Southern Ute's first WAVE during World War II.  She was stationed at National Naval Medical Center at Bethesda, Maryland.  Was discharged from the WAVE on November, 1944, because she was pregnant with a child, which was ME ME ME.  My mother was a very spiritual person and she taught us the ways of traditional people.  My mother left us in 1974 and is now buried at Ouray cemetery in Ignacio.  

My father is Edward Bent Box, and his Ute Indian name is Red Ute.  The son of Jacob Box (born 1885) and Bertha Bent Box (born 1886).  Our father was born April 1, 1920 and had 8 brothers and sisters. They are Marjorie Box, Florence Bent Box, Agnes Bent Box, Ellen Bent Box, Fritz Bent Box, Mary Bent Box Chavez, and David Bent Box, all are now deceased.  In May 1942 he enlisted in the Navy and trained in San Diego and saw combat in the Pacific Theater.   Was discharged from the Navy in October, 1945, as a Motor Machinist Mate 2nd Class.  Both of my parents are full blooded Southern Ute Indian.  He is a traditional person of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe.  He ran the Ute Sun Dance for 30 plus years and also took charge of the Ute Bear Dance and the Sweat Ceremonies at his house.  Was a very caring man and father.  He like to talk to young persons and tell them about the Traditional ways of the tribe.  My father and my mother, Dorothy were very spiritual people.  She help my father as a wife to lead him, together they accomplished a lot.   I went with my father and mother to attend many Sun dances and Bear dances here and on different reservations.  When my mother left us in 1975, my father missed her, and said that my mother was the only one for him.  But as the years came and gone, he still led the tribe with the Sundance and Bear dance.  He started to make and play the Indian flute.  He is a accomplished flute maker and player.   My father doesn't run the Sundance or Bear dance or sweat here at home.  My father has since moved to 144 Kenilworth road, Asheville, NC 28803.  He is still making flutes and his phone number is 828-255-3751, if you need to contact him for a flute.  He can be reached also at  

I was born in the town of Durango, Colorado. I attended the Ignacio Public Schools until I graduated in 1963. Was your average run of the mill kid, had some dogs. My father worked at Ford Motor company in Durango. So I moved with the family and attended Thomas Starr King Junior High school, in Los Angeles, Calif.  We lived at 1551 Echo Park Drive. My father was training to become a radio announcer. Came back to Colorado, lived in Cortez and in Durango. Moved back to Ignacio and graduated. Attended 1 1/2 years at Fort Lewis College. . It was during these times I met my honey, Betty Vigil during these times.

I had one brother who was named James Lloyd Box Sr. My brother's Indian name was Spirit Horse.  We were influenced with music by our father Edward Bent Box Sr.  Our father had a band in 30's, 40's called the Pine River Boys.  I started a band in the 60's with me as lead guitar and my bother was the drummer.  My honey Betty later joined, because she didn't want to stay at home.  The band was called many names, like Fire flies, Dearly Beloved, and final we settled with the Century Men.  We learned about 80 or 90 songs that we could play at a dance.   We played songs like Money, Louie Louie, Walking the dog, Eight days a week, Somebody to love, etc.  We last played on New Year's dance at Ranlett, Utah of 1968.   We had many members that came and gone.  First I will mention the band members that were the first to be with the band, and now have passed onto the great hunting grounds.  Harvey Joy, he was the singer and was a great guy.  Lawrence Monte, lead and rhythm guitar and Gerald Howe, a bass player.  And last is my brother, Jim, who left us in Nov. of 1999.  Was a great drummer and brother.  Now here are the ones that are still walking the earth.  Gene Valdez, Jimmy Lopez, Randy Baker, Louis Herrera, We sure had a lot of fun just singing and playing my guitar.  See the band during the 1960s by following  Century Men Pics.

We got married in 1965, a long long ago. Lived in Ignacio, and had no job,  lived on very little food. Had a car, but had no money to buy gas, so we parked it. Made a lot of trips on foot mobile in the area.   I was the tribal police officer and retired from there in as Police Captain. I presently work for the Southern Ute Indian Tribe, as Information Services Manager, in Natural Resources.  

I, Betty J. Box will go next.  I'm an enrolled member of the Navajo nation, my clan is bitter water and I'm also Spanish. I was born in Fruita, Colorado. My parents were Alcario and Jennie Vigil. My  father was Navajo, and was a fiddle maker. He made fiddles from a single piece of wood. He used broken glass to cut out the wood. He passed away in 1978, My mother Jennie has also entered the Spirit world.  I have 12 brothers and sisters.  We moved to Ignacio, in my early years, and lived in the BIA boarding school in Ignacio. Which is now my honey's office.  I was the past manager for  the Southern Ute Community Center, then I worked as teacher's aide for the Ignacio Public Schools. I taught the children their a b c's.  I'm now Property Shift Manager for the Sky Ute Lodge & Casino.  I have worked in this position for ten years. 

We have three children, the oldest is and his name is Edward Box III.  Edward lives in Ignacio, Colorado and works at the Sky Ute Casino.  Next oldest is Matthew Box who is married to Hope Box and Matt has three children.  His family has opened up a good Restaurant in Bayfield called "The Local".  Matthew has made us proud of him, he has served his people as  Southern Ute Tribal Chairman.  He is now on other adventures. Our youngest is Melanie Seibel, married to

Shane Seibel and she has 5 young children.  Here is a picture of her and her honey Shane.
We raised two other children that we have called our children.
Karen Washington (click here to see her family), and has a daughter named Kateria Page Washington, and now live in Ignacio.  Our nephew James Lloyd Box Jr. who we raised since he was 1 year old, now lives in Idaho.

Our  family is involved in traditional ways, such as Sundance, Bear dance and Sweat ceremonials.  This has bought us closer to the Creator.  We try to teach our children of traditional ways.  If you should have any questions, please e-mail us and we could answer your questions.  I also write and here is three of my writings.  

Poem one 

Poem two 

Poem Three

Poem Four, newest one

We have lived here in Ignacio a good part of our lives, just smelling the roses.