Poem Two
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White Lite


I LOVE you, our FATHER, Our WHITE LITE, oh! most mighty one. LOVE
I see your WHITE LITE. I've felt the white love from the first day of my birth. It's never disappeared.
I get to see the WHITE LITE,whenever I choose.
I get to see the beautiful rays that give glow everywhere.
The one's, who are broken hearted and just plain cruel. They don't realize.
You'll never take away the WHITE LITE from me.
I've been given enough, to spare and share.
I practice the Holy rituals. Everyday, I'm given the gift to live here on Our Mother Earth.
She's been my major white lite in my soul. The view will stand up the tiny bits of your bodily hairs.
My, enemies can just sit there and cry. For, our HOLY FATHER of the WHITE LITE, loves us both. But, as for me.
I'll never give up nor give in to the enemy lite.
Peace, true respect, sincere humbleness, is the one strength of the WHITE LITE's sight. Thank-you God.
For helping me, to always keep my own self in the energy of the WHITE LITE. For I know it's good and loving.
The WHITE LITE comes and belongs to you. I'll keep this always in my heart and continue to practice the WHITE
LITE in my daily life.
I won't let myself become dark. As did, those whom you've allowed me to grow to love.
Again, sad to day, those Loving Relative have become.
WHITE LITE, WHITE LITE allow your self to become STRONG for the weak ones. Thank-you God.
You are our WHITE LITE. Our WHITE LITE love is one.

HummingBird Woman
Betty Box, proud Navajo of Ignacio, Colorado