Poem Three
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Life goes on.  There's no time.  Stopping what goes on

Life is so precious.  Your, right!  Love lives unconditionally in our hearts.

But, not with the forked tongue.


We'll live a few tears.  Life goes on.

We'll miss your visual LOVE AND TOUCH.  Life goes on.

We'll continue showing we're TOUGH LOVE!

We can handle any challenged disrupts.  Our life's red roads continue on.


We won't allow ourselves to follow the curses of hate, distrust, sorrow, and denial.

We will break the repeated curses.  Our lives go on.


One who chooses to hate and not except to heal.  Our Family will become strong.

We choose to change and except their disrespect towards us.  Our family life goes on.


We ask for forgiveness

From the one who throws insults from their hate.  Our hearts become humbly strong.

We ask for the LOVE and RESPECT nothing more.  Our humble life comes on.


God our Holy Creator's eye's are always in our view.

Our Blessed Mother's woman power.

Shower us with colorful, flowing, glowing rainbows.  WE LOVE YOU TOO!


God our Holy Creator gives us his true blessings always.

Our Families will walk in each other shoes.  This is the life we choose.


The blessings are deeply implanted in our lives and hearts.

Baby Jesus, his only Holy Son is forgiveness.

Together we'll break the curses.  Not tear each other apart.


Once and for always.

LIFE and true LOVE come and burn on.

Leaving us the most important engraved LOVE  message in our heart.



Betty Box

HummingBird Woman