Wedding Information
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Wedding Information

The following is a chronological list of events at a standard wedding:

Ceremony: Play appropriate music for the Prelude guest arrival), Processional & Recessional.
Cocktail hour: Welcome guests to reception with suitable background music.
Grand Entrance: Introduce the entire bridal party with style to the reception.
Dinner: Comfort guests with soft dinner music.
Best Manís Toast: Introduce best man to toast our newlyweds.
First Dance: Welcome our newlyweds to the dance floor for their first dance together as husband and wife.
Father/Bride Dance: Inform our groom there is one other special man in our brideís life...her father.
Mother/ Groom Dance: Inform our bride there is one other special woman in our groomís life...his mother
Bridal Party Dance: Invite the rest of the bridal party to the dance floor for a special dance.
Dancing: Crank the beat up and dance!
Cake Cutting: Watch our newlyweds perform their first domestic chore together as husband and wife.
Bouquet and Garter Toss: This is a blast!...Call all single ladies up for bouquet toss, then all single guys for removal and tossing of garter!
Money Dance: All the guests have an opportunity to slow dance with the bride and groom giving them a donation towards their honeymoon.

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